8ta connect

8ta connect 23.003

Enables messaging via the dashboard connecting to Huawei devices
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23.003.07 (See all)
Telkom SA

Establish a communication line between a personal computer and a compatible Huawei device (including 8ta) with the custom dashboard enabling text messaging. A single message is limited by 2048 characters with automated deletion of extra symbols upon sending it.

8ta connect is the Windows dashboard only for use with Huawei Devices (Preferrably 8ta Devices). You need to start the 8ta connect, before using various functions of the terminal device. A text message contains up to 2048 characters. If the pasted content exceeds this limit, only 2048 characters of the content can be displayed, and the extra part is automatically deleted. The terminal device must connect to the Internet before you can surf the Internet.

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